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"Upcycle" your old rest mats with NEW Mat Skins by Butterfly School Supply. Mat Skins are replacement covers for your old mats. Save your old mats and renew them with Mat Skins. SAVE money with Butterfly's Mat Skins! NOW AVAILABLE IN 2 SIZES!


Introducing Mat Skins, our newest innovative product from Butterfly School Supply. Comfortable, Colorful, Durable and with a 2 Year Warranty. Mat Skins are designed to easily slip over your used mats; you know those mats that have been "accidentally" ripped or drawn on. Because of the cotton backing inside the Mat Skins your old mats easily slide into the Mat Skins much like a pillow goes into a pillowcase. The open end has heavy duty velcro to enclose your old mat into its new skin. Made from our "Heavy Duty Vinyl" our mat skins are what you expect from Butterfly School Supply by being sooo Comfortable, Colorful, Durable and they have a 2 Year Warranty.

Butterfly's Mat Skins and Rest Mats set the standard for Child Care products that will give years of service because they are sewn and lock stitched. Additionally, the vinyl is easy to clean, and most importantly provide a soft surface for your children at nap time.

Rest Mat Replacement Cover 🚛 599.00 and up Ships Free *

$29.50 Regular Price
$14.75Sale Price
Mat Skin Color
    • Eco-Friendly - "Upcycles" old mats
    • Saves you money
    • Easy to Clean
    • Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green
    • Made of High Quality Vinyl with cotton backing
    • Heavy Duty Velcro Closure
    • Made to fit 1" or 2" Thick Mats as well as Flat, Tri-Fold, or 4-Fold
    • Now Available to Fit 2 Mat Sizes: 19"x45"x2" and 22"x48"x2"
    • Call if you need another size
    • Made in the USA
    • 2 Year Warranty
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