Pillowcase Style Mat Sheets by Butterfly easily fit Flat, Tri-fold and 4-fold Mats to provide Nap Time comfort, quality and protection for children in your daycare, preschool, pre-k or child care classroom.​


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​Superior Pillowcase Style Mat Sheets by Butterfly come in 2 Sizes to fit either a 1” or 2” Thick Mat and made of High-Quality Fabric having a Blend of 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester. The Butterfly Pillowcase Style design is made to slide onto your mat quickly and easily. At Butterfly School Supply, we specialize in Nap Time! Our Mats and Mat Sheets provide a soft, clean, relaxing nap time experience for your classroom. We have received requests from our customers for Mat Sheets that fit mats other than our typical Butterfly Mat. That is why we have the different choices A, B, C, or D. So Before Ordering Please Note the following:

If you have a Butterfly Mat; choose Size A for your Buttercup Mat (Size 19” W x 45” L) or Size C for all other Butterfly Mats (Size 23” W x 48” L).

If you have a mat other than one by Butterfly then measure your mat and choose size A, B, C or D; whichever is closest to your desired size.

You might also want to consider Butterfly’s Fitted Mat Sheet with its innovative deep pocket design that allows for a wide range of Mat thicknesses and styles.


Receive Free Shipping on a SHEETS ONLY order. Use code "Sheets" at checkout. If you choose this option for orders containing products other than sheets you will be billed for freight, and your order will be placed on hold until shipping is paid.

Pillowcase Style Mat Sheet

$12.99 Regular Price
$6.50Sale Price
    • Two Sizes to choose from: Fit Either a 1” or 2” Thick Mat
    • Either size Fits a Flat, Tri-Fold or 4-Fold Mat
    • Color: Fresh, Clean White
    • Made of a Blended High Quality 50% Cotton 50% Polyester fabric
    • Ships Fast and Free!
    • Made in the USA
    • SAVE 40% off MSRP